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How to get rid of a stuffy nose in 1 min (easy breathing exercise)

This easy exercise to increase body-oxygen levels and to help you get rid of a stuffy nose was invented by Soviet MDs. This most natural remedy has been taught by more than 200 doctors to thousands of their patients who suffered from countless conditions including breathing problems, rhinitis, sinusitis etc. You can get rid of your stuffy nose fast or asap with this sleeping remedy even with allergies. Cough and soar throat get reduced, with this home remedy, too.

According to the clinical experiences that were conducted by these doctors, a majority of their patients could easily clear their stuffy nose, get rid of mouth breathing, and continue with their nasal breathing in just about a minute – that too naturally. This natural remedy is also known to work wonders for people who suffer from chronic stuffy nose problems and symptoms of fatigue. You may also apply this exercise during night sleep. Feel free to go through the instructions given below, or check out this YouTube video with the same instructions:

Instructions (remedy) for how to get rid of a blocked nose

To get started with getting rid of a stuffy nose, begin with pinching your nose and walking fast with your blocked nose pinched. Make sure that your mouth is closed at all times for the simple reason that you have to accumulated CO2 to dilate arteries and arterioles. Here, you would probably in the position to make nearly 20-30 steps. This needs to be done rather carefully, and you must also be wearing appropriate shoes so you may not fall. While walking, you need to hold your breath to the point that you feel a strong urge to breathe. Once done, sit down with your spine totally straight, and focus on your breathing.

You need to keep your mouth closed (no gasping for air) once you release your nose, and get started with reduced breathing (breathing a little bit less than before performing this exercise). For this, you would need to use the diaphragm only for smaller inhalations, instead of taking a big or deep inhalation. Once done, relax all muscles for exhalation, particularly those of the upper chest and all other respiratory muscles. Take another shorter inhalation, and relax. With each inhalation, keep practicing this reduced breathing while remaining completely relaxed. The main purpose here is to maintain shortage of air, or air hunger for nearly 1-2 min with total relaxation of body muscles. It is completely normal for your breathing to be frequent all through this reduced breathing or shallow breathing.

How reduced breathing can help get rid of a stuffy nose

If your breathing becomes heavy later on, it is likely for your nose to get blocked again. You may apply this remedy again for this purpose, for you are allowed to use it many dozen times per day.

How to clear a stuffy nose during night sleep

Lie on your chest or left side, and relax all the muscles of your body. Now, pinch your nose and follow all the instructions given below related to breath holding, and reduced breathing to achieve quick relief. To tell you the truth, the same exercise will help you fall asleep really fast too.

Permanent remedy to get rid of a stuffy nose

If you suffer from chronic nasal congestion, then there is one possible permanent solution that will help you acquire relief. For it, you would need to increase your body-oxygen content up to nearly 25 seconds. If your body-oxygen test results continue to be more than 25 seconds at all times, your nose is going to be clear all the time, while cough and soar throat will disappear too. (Allergies require higher results.) However, if your body oxygen level drops below 20 s for reasons including allergies, poor air quality, overeating, mouth breathing, or supine sleep, your nasal passages will continue to get blocked due to extra mucus, advance of pathogens, and other effects triggered by low cell oxygen levels.


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