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How to gain weight fast – 100% natural weight gain

Want to learn how to gain weight quickly the most natural way? Well, then you need to know that Increased circulation helps with quick and natural weight gainthe best means of doing so is to improve your digestive system, liver function and finally – your appetite by enhancing your body-oxygen levels and improving blood circulation, even for skinny guys and people. People who are underweight and struggle with weight gain are known to have low body oxygenation, which comes to being less than 20 seconds for the body-oxygen test.

What this means is that such people tend to indulge in chest breathing all through the day, which cuts down on their blood oxygenation significantly, along with breathing more than the norm or chronic overbreathing and mouth breathing as well. All of these are basically abnormalities that are known to trigger poor perfusion of all bodily organs, a lack of appetite, bad quality sleep, low energy levels and a number of other problems. However, the how to gain weight approach that you are going to learn about here is going to help you fight away the main cause of all such problems – extremely deep, and extremely fast chest breathing.

How to increase weight naturally

This natural how to gain weight program deems it necessary for you to achieve around 30 seconds for the body-oxygen test. Without it, there is no way that you would be able to reach your ideal weight. Apart from that, you eventually need to have over 60 s 24/7. For this, it will be necessary for you to have a proper diet, and consume a variety of food items.

The one thing that you need to bear in mind is that it isn’t just low body oxygenation that increases blood glucose levels – fast and deep breathing or hyperventilation does to as well. Also, having low energy levels triggered by tissue hypoxia causes underweight people to feel full all the time, thereby causing major problems with natural weight gain. Even if they acquire in-depth information about how to gain weight naturally, they simply aren’t able to achieve their weight gain goals. However, such problems can easily be reversed using correct-breathing exercises.

Buteyko breathing exercises for natural weight gain

Information about how to gain weight naturallyThe fact of the matter is that as soon as people who are under weight or are extremely slim start using the Amazing-DIY-breathing device or begin practicing Buteyko breathing exercises, their blood glucose levels start dropping. This is because their bodies finally start calling out for new calories, which are then used to help with weight gain. It will actually help you achieve your goals of getting your body weight closer to the norm. Once that is done, it would be extremely easy for you to gain weight naturally by increasing your calorie intake, and make sure that you stay awake all through the day.

Additional tips that will help you enhance this gain weight program

Calories are typically acquired by the body through fats and carbohydrates. However, the common problem with underweight people is that they have a poor pancreas, and poor liver, both of which can handle really small amounts of carbohydrates and fats per day, and per meal. This obviously causes major problems with weight gain.

Along with lifestyle changes and breathing retaining, another tip for this amazing how to gain weight fast program is that of increasing your intake of honey. The best part about honey is that it is extremely easy to digest, and doesn’t need digestive enzymes. But, the one thing that you need to bear in mind is that you must only consume raw, unpasteurized or cold pressed honey as it doesn’t promote pathogens in the gut. Also, you may experience a bit of a laxative effect because of certain carbohydrates that cannot be digested by humans. But don’t stress out too much over this temporary effect, and continue using 0.5-1 kg on a daily basis till the time that your weight gets normal, and all those feeling of being cold during and after breathing exercises vanishes.

Another tip that you must try out is that of chewing starches or complex carbohydrates really well. Irrespective of what starchy food you eat while being under weight, be it rice, bread, potatoes, corn, or even buckwheat, it is necessary for you to chew them up to nearly 70-100 times or till the time that the food disappears completely in your mouth naturally (which means that you should not perform any swallowing movements). Doing so is basically going to help cut down on the load on your pancreas. This is because digestive enzymes like ptyalin produced by the salivary glands in the mouth have the potential to digest nearly 80-90% of starches in the mouth alone. This is definitely going to help you gain weight fast.

You may also take steps so as to restore your liver with the help of betaine hydrochloride, black cherry juice, and Milk Thistle. This particularly holds true for all those who have their liver damaged because of alcohol and medical drugs. Remember, Milk Thistle is the primary herb that is used for liver detoxification, and is known to start working at nearly 20 s CP. Use these as per the suggested dosages, since it is mostly the duration (usually 1-3 weeks), and your body oxygenation that helps with liver restoration. It additionally assists in attaining immense hunger or appetite.

Learn how to increase body weight quickly using these lifestyle changes

It is necessary for physical exercise to be performed only with nasal breathing. You may temporarily limit it to nearly 1 hour of intensive exercise, but you need to make sure that you get a substantial amount of sweat (strong perspiration), and mechanical vibrations or body shaking in order to attain better GI health.  Remember, it is highly recommended for you to initially gain weight naturally, and then enhance your exercises later on. This should only be done when your weight is nearly normal, and you stop feeling cold after performing breathing exercises.

Another extremely beneficial method that will help you get rid of inflammation, and restore the functioning of your nerve and muscle cells is that of Earthing or grounding the body to Earth for electrons. Along with it, you must never skip on consuming 100 gr or more of raw honey just before indulging in a breathing session. On the other hand, you may also start your breathing sessions only when your meals are just done from the stomach, and you are not experiencing low blood sugar. Doing so has the potential to or eliminate or significantly cut down on feeling cold during and after your breathing sessions.

For information on other lifestyle changes, such as how to develop diaphragmatic breathing 24/7, how to prevent mouth breathing during sleep, how to prevent supine sleep etc., please feel free to visit the ‘Learn Here’ section. Remember, all of these elements have the potential to help you enhance your how to increase body weight program greatly.

Lifestyle factor Body oxygen < 30 s Body oxygen > 50 s
Level of energy Very low, low, or medium High
Intensive exercise using nose breathing Extremely hard or nearly impossible Effortless – very easy to perform
Desire to exercise Not strong, but possible High
Typical state of mind Anxiety, depression & confusion Clarity, attentiveness, focus
Sleep More than 7 hours Excellent, less than 5 hours
Correct posture Requires great effort, rare Comes naturally
Desire to eat raw food Rare Very common
Addiction to drugs, alcohol and smoking Possible Absent
Craving for coffee, junk food and sugar High Absent

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