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Home Remedies for Stuffy Nose (Easy Breathing Exercises)

You likely waste your time on various low-efficiency stuffy nose home remedies that do not involve breathing exercises. These 2 easy and simple breathing exercises work at least 10 times better than pressing acupuncture points and various syrups and diet-related methods. This home remedy for your stuffy nose works fast for dry cough and soar throat too. People with a stuffy runny nose can also find a quick relief.

The first natural home treatment (Remedy 1) can be done while sitting, while the second way (Remedy 2) is to walk while breath holding and doing reduced breathing. Chose the suitable tab above, but keep in mind that you will unblock the stuffed nose quicker with the walking remedy.

First natural breathing home remedy for a stuffy nose

Sit down comfortably. Breathe lightly in and out and relax. After a next small breath out, pinch your stuffy nose, keep your mouth closed (all the time), and hold your breath as long as you comfortably can.

Then start nodding your head gently up and down, but be careful not to hurt your neck.

When you can no longer hold the breath, start to breathe again but only through your nose, and as gently as possible.

After about 30 seconds of light or reduced breathing, take an small breath in, a small breath out and repeat the breath hold, nodding your head again.

Relaxing your body, especially your abdominal muscles, is a very useful assisting factor. Repeat this sequence until you can breath comfortably through your nose. The video provides details related to this natural home remedy for a stuffed nose:

Second natural breathing home remedy for a stuffy nose

Start walking with the nose pinched. When you get air hunger, release the nose, but start breathing only through the unblocked nose, and very little (i.e., do not gasp for air). You can either continue walking or sit down and nod your head as for Remedy 1.

After 30-40 seconds of sitting, go for another walk while keeping you less stuffy nose pinched. Then again practice reduced breathing.

Permanent cure

You need to achieve over 30 seconds for the body oxygen test 24/7 in order to have a clear nose all the time. This is a permanent cure for the congested nose problem proven on thousands of people since it addresses the cause of the stuffy nose.


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