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Get Rid of a Cough Fast, With Easy Breathing Exercise

How to get rid of a cough naturally and fast

Learning how to get rid of a cough (dry cough too) can get rather challenging. This particularly holds true for Learn how to get rid of cough fastpeople who do not know about certain basic yet very important rules associated with breathing. There is actually a breathing exercise that can help you with improving body oxygen levels. The reason why this is important is because coughing can have a major impact on brain oxygenation because of reduced CO2.

By following the guidelines given below, you would notice immediate results in terms of the durations of bouts of coughing, as the same would be reduced greatly. You may even make use of a permanent solution, but remember that there are very strict criterion that you need to follow for it. However, once done, you would be able to get rid of coughing forever.

Get rid of coughing fast with these steps

how hyperventilation impacts cough

Each time that you cough, you end up irritating your airways, which in turn destroys the alveoli of your lungs, reduced NO and CO2 content in the lungs, reduce oxygen content in all vital organs, reduce CO2 level in all body cells, suppress the immune system, produce free radicals. Apart from these, there are many different problems that coughing can produce and impact your well-being. On the whole, you end up living in a continuous vicious circle of cough, CO2 loss, more irritation in airways, further inflammation, infections etc.

The first step that you need to take in terms of turning this negative cycle of CO2 loss around is that of learning how to cough via the nose. This is actually the most crucial and basic requirement of the Buteyko Emergency Procedure, and the Buteyko method in general. If you continue to cough via the mouth, there is simply no way that you would be able to improve your health.

Once achieved, the next steps involves you having to practice the breathing exercise How to get rid of cough. It works great for dry and wet cough. Sit down in at an ordinary table or a straight chair in a comfortable position. During a bout of coughing, stay relaxed, and at the end of your usual exhalation, with your fingers, lightly pinch your nose and start breath holding. But do it till the time that you experience moderate or light discomfort. (Advanced students can go further and try moderate or strong air hunger.) Your mouth should be closed all the time through this exercise.

If you are experiencing severe cough or bouts of strong dry cough, and if you find it hard to hold your breath, then make the following change. Pinch your nose and keep your mouth closed as well while coughing. The aim is to prevent air exchange. On the whole, you need to focus on increasing the CO2 content in your airways. This natural home remedy is going to  relax the cough-receptor cells that are irritated by  the several mechanical and biochemical elements during acute coughing bouts. The same may also be triggered by long term asthma. These nerve cells actually stimulate the breathing center found in the brain, which in turn initiates and continues cough.

Once you’ve held your breath, whenever you feel a distinctive or moderate desire to breathe, you are only allowed to take a small or short inhalation – a small sniff. Moreover, you may do so only via your nose. After you have taken a small inhalation, relax all of the muscles of your body once again, particularly those found in the shoulders and upper chest so that you can exhale slowly. If you are coughing, the main goal is to limit your air exchange and normalize CO2 leves in airways. In an ideal situation, the exhalation needs to be unforced or naturally easy. Once you finish exhalation, take another small inhalation (in-breath), and then just relax completely so as to exhale.

reduced breathing can help stop coughing at night

With each breath, you need to focus on taking a reduced or smaller inhalation, and then relax completely all body muscles even if you still have your urge to cough. You need to slowly and gradually increase CO2 in the airways, for which you need to create a more and more distinctive air hunger, while relaxing the muscles of your body. Soon, you are going to notice a strong desire or urge to breathe more air (it will grow gradually). However, you need to maintain this desire to breathe till the time that your cough subsides.

All through this reduced or decreased breathing exercise to stop coughing, it is normal for you to have quite frequent breathing (up to 20-25 breaths per minute). If the exercise is performed properly, there are two simple body signs that you can notice:

1. Your nasal passages are going to become a whole lot more moist and open in nearly 1-2 minutes.

2. Your feet and arms are going to get warmer quite fast or in about 1-2 minutes after you start performing the exercise.

Get rid of a cough fast and naturally at night

If you suffer from persistent cough at night, there is a different exercise ‘How to Stop Cough at Night’ that you need to perform.

How to get rid of a cough permanently

If you achieve more than 25 s for the CP test (it measures body oxygenation) 24/7, every desire to have coughing and all bouts of dry cough will completely disappear. Given below is a YouTube video that clearly explains how you can get rid of your cough fast.


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