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Review of Amazon sinusitis treatment options

You can click on the images on the right side to see more details and reviews from These are most popular sinusitis treatment options.

*Currently, the hyperlinks to these products do not work. You need to go on and search for this product yourself Just paste the name of the product in Amazon search and you will get all required details of the selected product and how to get it.

1. Best Dietary Supplement

sinus health supplement

The most popular natural “Sinus and Seasonal” supplement made of vegetarian capsules that include Bromelain, Nettle Root, Quercetin, and Butterbur Extracts to relieve nose blockage (nearly 100 reviews with 4.5 stars rating) sinusitis reviews count


2. Top Nasal Wash

Alcalol nasal sprayAlkalol – A Natural Soothing Mucus Solvent, Nasal Wash and Cleaner Kit to unblock a stuffy nose fast: 4.5 stars (over 400 reviews)sinusitis reviews count



3. Best Nasal Spray

nasal sprayXClear nasal spray with Xylitol to reduce nasal congestion: 4.4 stars (over 340 reviews)sinusitis reviews count

It contains purified saline water, xylitol, and GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) that works wonders against fungi and yeast, and helps to many people with sinusitis.


4. Advanced Nasal Sinus Irrigation System

sinus irrigation system
SinuPulse Elite Advanced Nasal Sinus Irrigation System: 4.3 stars (over 500 reviews)sinusitis reviews count

The producers claim sinus relief in less than one minute. The system includes 30 Day supply of special SinuAir powdered saline solution for sinusitis treatment. It has two year full warranty and is registered by the FDA, with approval from Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

In our view, there are simpler and cheaper ways to solve problems with nose congestion.

For a temporary but nearly immediate relief of the blocked nose, you can use a simple breathing exercise that unblocks the nose in about 40 seconds. Here is the link: Unblock nose exercise.

If you need a permanent solution, it is following. If you increase your body oxygenation up to 25-30 seconds in the morning (when you wake up), and your daytime numbers will be also at least 25-30 s, then your problems with sinusitis will disappear completely. In order to achieve this, most people with a blocked nose should slow down their breathing, often up to 2 times. Breathing slower and less air increases CO2 levels in the airways, and that increases circulation and body O2 levels. This can be done with lifestyle changes and breathing exercises.

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