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How to stop runny nose fast and naturally

Learn how to stop runny nose nowThere are three important steps (shown on the diagram given on the left side) that you need to follow to learn how to stop a runny nose fast and naturally at home with this remedy. It also works for people with allergies who have cold and cough.

If truth be told, people don’t typically get a runny nose just because they suffer from allergic rhinitis. Although rather rare, but a running nose can  be caused due to brain trauma as well. However, it may additionally be triggered by nasal sprays, certain foods like spices and other irritants. To prevent it, you obviously need to avoid these triggers.

Generally speaking, allergies and runny nose can get triggered only when one’s body and brain 02 levels are lesser than the physiological norm of 40 seconds. For such people, it is commonly less than 20 seconds for the DIY body-O2 test. Tissue hypoxia is caused by ineffective, or too fast and heavy breathing. This has a negative impact on the immune system and makes it hypersensitive and weak. Other causes of low body and brain O2 are inclusive of chest breathing (considering that it reduces blood oxygenation), and mouth breathing (which leads to reduced blood levels of CO2 and nitric oxide that is generated in sinuses).

Remedy to help you get rid of a runny nose (Breathe-Easy Exercise)

To start with getting rid of a running nose, you need to initially pinch your runny nose and start walking fast with it pinched. Here, you need to make sure that your mouth is closed at all times. It is going to help you get more arterial CO2 for the dilation of arteries and arterioles – remember, CO2 is the most potent dilator of arteries and arterioles. When doing so, you will probably be able to take around 15-25 steps. Now while walking, you need to hold your breath to the point that you start experiencing a strong desire to breathe. Now, sit with your spine straight, release your nose, and start reduced breathing. For this, you will need to breathe less air than before you got started with this exercise. Rather than taking your usual frequent and big inhalation, use the diaphragm to breathe and take a smaller inhalation. Now, relax all the muscles of your body for an exhalation. Repeat the entire cycle.

Reduced breathing and runny nose

The basic purpose that you need to fulfill here is that of maintaining air hunger for several minutes while relaxing all of your body muscles. During this exercise, if your brain and body-O2 levels happen to be low, then it is normal for you to have frequent breathing all through the exercise. Through this breathing exercise that allows you to stop a runny nose you will be able to increase body and brain O2 levels.

Find out how to stop a runny nose during night sleep

To stop a running nose during night sleep, you would have to lie on your chest or left side, and relax all the muscles of your body. Now pinch your nose and hold your breath till you experience air hunger. Now follow the instructions given above for reduced breathing. In order to make sure that your nose does not get runny again, it is necessary for you to increase your body O2 through lifestyle changes and breathing exercises. This exercise is additionally going to help you fall asleep much faster.

Learn how to get rid of runny nose for good

Given  below are a few conclusions of more than 100 Soviet and Russian MDs who helped Stop runny nose for good nowthousands of people get rid of conditions that lead to a runny nose:

1. In case your body-O2 test results are above 30 s at all times, you will not suffer from the flu or colds as your immune system will be stronger.

2. If, along with the previous condition, it is possible for you to avoid your allergic triggers for nearly 2-3 months, then your immune system is going to get desensitized to your allergic triggers during this time. For this reason, it is possible for you to get rid of a runny nose as well as all your allergies.

This is the permanent solution for how to get rid of a runny nose for good, and it was found by medical doctors to help permanently resolve problems with a runny nose.

If you are suffering from a stuffy nose instead, then make sure that you check out this YouTube video showing a natural Stuffy Nose Remedy.



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