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Reverse and Cure Bronchitis Using Breathing Retraining [Change How You Breathe 24/7]

In this video above, Buteyko Breathing teacher, Volker Schmitz, sits down with Buteyko Breathing expert, Dr. Artour Rakhimov, to discuss how the originator of the Buteyko Breathing method, Dr. Konstantin Buteyko, and his breathing retraining program can help people afflicted with bronchitis to reverse and cure this condition fast. Dr. Artour has provided the world with a multitude of Buteyko Breathing scientific information through his website, Dr. Artour learned directly from Dr. Buteyko’s associates.

Woman with cough and untreated bronchitis Bronchitis is inflammation in the mucus membranes located in our airway’s bronchial tubes, Dr. Artour explains. Thick mucus accumulates in the bronchial tubes and “harbors bacteria,” leaving bronchitis sufferers experiencing bronchial spasms, chronic coughing, and bacterial infections. Dr. Artour further explains that bronchitis is like asthma insofar as three factors affecting asthma patients affect bronchitis clients. These three factors present in both bronchitis and asthma clients are chronic hyperventilation, chronic inflammation, and thick mucus.

Clients affected by bronchitis breathe more than twice the medical norm per minute and have chronic hyperventilation, narrowing bronchial tubes, and restricting airways. Chronic bronchitis patients also have chronic inflammation at the cellular level making their airway cells bigger. Lastly, bronchitis clients have a thick, sticky layer of mucus lining their bronchial tubes. This viscous mucus layer does not help immune systems fight off pathogens, resulting in a “breeding ground” for frequent infections.

Soon after beginning a breathing retraining program, Buteyko Breathing students “experience less cough” states Dr. Artour. Bronchitis students report less frequent bouts of coughing, even during the night. Once one has progressed in breathing retraining and one’s automatic breathing becomes slower, then airways dilate enabling easier breathing. A control pause (CP) of 25-30 seconds is usually needed before improvement is evident. Coughing and bronchial spasms disappears when clients reach 35-45 second CPs. More information on CPs and how to easily test and find CP numbers is found on

Bronchitis students have a higher and sooner chance of fast recovering using Buteyko Breathing retraining than more serious conditions like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Buteyko students do, however, need to dedicate one to two hours daily to breathing exercises and physical exercises.

In his work as a Buteyko Breathing teacher, Volker Schmitz helps his breathing retraining students quickly reach higher states of health. Volker explains that simple breathing exercises can be taught in few minutes to help his clients stop coughing. Volker relates when his Buteyko Breathing students achieve 35-40 second morning CP tests, they rarely experience further illnesses.

More information about Buteyko Breathing retraining is found on the Internet. Dr. Artour has written many books on Buteyko Breathing available through

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