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Breathing problems always cause low body O2

Breathing problems trigger low body O2 and CO2 levels

Most common general breathing problems, which are easy to observe in most modern people are:
– chest breathing
– mouth breathing
– breathing too much air (and believing that breathing more at rest is beneficial).

Breathing problems are common in modern people after lying down, or at night (during sleep), and after a surgery, but most people have low body O2 24/7 due to chronic overbreathing.

These are large fundamental breathing problems that are not easy to solve. Most doctors and most health practitioners do not know how to deal with these conditions. There are the reasons why you can find specific web pages devoted to these conditions.

Treatment for breathing problems

The principles of treating breathing problems should be based on the treatment provided for hyperventilation syndrome. Breathing problems have been brought under control to considerable extents using various breathing devices and respiratory therapies in many of the clinical trials. Shortness of breath while at rest can be achieved by such patients who are successful in achieving over 20 s for oxygen tests in their body. When they breathe normally i.e., at about 500-600 ml per breath with 10-12 breaths/min amounting to 6 L per minute, breathing is tiny and unnoticeable.

Ordinary people breathe much faster and more air per breath (hyperventilation). Breathing problems are even more common after lying down, at night (sleep), and after a surgery. Hence, normalization of breathing is the only correct solution for these breathing problems to increase body O2: the key health factor.

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